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Passionate, hardworking Islanders coming together to grow Canada’s Food Island.

Population 165,000

World renowned, sustainable FOOD


PEI farmers have been growing potatoes for 200 years. The Island’s iron rich soil provides the ideal growing conditions.

10% seed
30% table
60% processing


Lobster fishing has been an Island tradition and way of life for over 150 years. Today, the industry has grown to include:

1200 fishers.

45 lobster ports.


World-famous since 1800’s

26% of Canada’s oysters come from PEI

There are over 90+ PEI brands

Check out our interactive
Oyster Map & Guide!


North America’s fave mussel!

80% of Canadian mussels


Multigenerational farmers

Healthy, happy, humane cows


Our Vibrant Food Scene

We inspire food lovers and support food entrepreneurs so that everyone can be a part of Canada’s Food Island story.

Check out our month long, award-winning PEI Fall Flavours Festival presented by Sobeys events!

Come experience our premier culinary festival from September to October and celebrate the people, places and world-class ingredients that make Canada’s Food Island extraordinary.

Culinary Institute of Canada operates in Charlottetown, PEI

322 food and beverage establishments

7 breweries, 3 vineyards, 3 distilleries, 3 cideries

1,400 chefs and cooks

Thriving FOOD Economy Supports Entrepreneurs


SMEs dominate the food economy

75 manufacturing firms

The food economy is attracting entrepreneurs

Between 2015-2020:

+21 restaurants
+13 food manufacturers
+12 grocery stories
+9 aquaculture firms
+5 beverage manufacturers
+12 beverage manufacturing firms

The Island ranks #1 among the provinces for the % of food-related GDP

Provides 20,000 (direct/indirect) jobs

Download PEI Lobster, Mussels, Oyster, Beef, & Potato Infographics today!

PEI PotatoES

PEI OysterS

PEI Beef

PEI Mussels

PEI Lobster

FOOD lover’s come &

explore   stay   eat   play   create   relax   slow down   golf
beach   hike   fish   paddle   thrive

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