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October 7, 2021

Maritime Madness - A Saucy Success Story
































Canada’s food island is full of hungry entrepreneurs who take great pride in what they create. It all started with a saucy passion for hot sauce. Amiel, a foodie, loved to make hot sauce in his kitchen to share with his friends. One year he made a big batch, so gave it to family and friends as gifts for the holidays. It was a hit! People wanted MORE. He saw a need and created Maritime Madness.

In the beginning, in 2002, it started with a 600 square feet attachment onto his house, 1 employee, and 4 sauces. Now Maritime Madness is turning up the heat and manufactures their products with care in small batches in a 3,000 square foot building with 2,500 square foot warehouse (which he’s expanding by 3,000 square feet this fall), 15 employees, and over 40 flavours (innovating all the time!).
When COVID-19 stuck Amiel and his staff were ready. Luckily, he already had an online presence and a loyal customers base. People were shopping online more often, cooking at home increased and the demand grew and grew. However, that did not mean there were not obstacles along the way.  Getting enough premium ingredients was challenging and continues to be a challenge as supply chain lead times went from 2 weeks to 6 months. He now works closer with his foodservice customers to get forecasts to ensure adequate supply. As a meal without a great sauce would be boring!
Amiel’s fave product. Okay, fave product of the moment
“Fire Candy Habenero. It’s sweet & sticky and great to put on ribs, chicken, even mac n’ cheese.”
Best advice to give an entrepreneur just getting started
“Get great people involved earlier on and don’t try to do it all yourself. It’s hard not to wait as you want to save money and think it would be better to just do it all yourself. I received this advice and it greatly helped. Also, being a part of Food Island Partnership Propel program was an awesome experience.”
Where are you going
Maritime Madness is all about having fun and enjoying their products with their community. Let’s face it you can put Maritime Madness sauce on just about everything! As the company is growing a fast pace maintaining the special culture and community they worked hard to build remains a key focus. We know when Amiel turns up the heat he’ll be ready.
What’s next

Amiel is passionately dedicated to his staff, customers and offering a premium quality product. And there really is a hot sauce for everyone, from mild to wild, at Maritime Madness. Get ready to mark your calendars. There are new products coming around the end of October. We tried to find out what they were (I mean REALLY tried!), and its top secret so we’ll all just have to wait. Luckily, they will be here just in time for gift giving and holiday season. Visit Maritime Madness online and join the fun by getting social – IG & FB.  You can get saucy and pick up your own bottle in Charlottetown at Founder’s Food Hall & Market or in Montague at their flagship store. Thanks for inspiring us all Amiel!


Prepared by Crystal MacGregor for Food Island Partnership. 

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Maritime Madness - A Saucy Success Story
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