Food Business Tools/Resources

Forage Webinar Series

In consideration of the current events surrounding COVID-19, Forage is committed to providing Atlantic Canada's food and tourism community with educational webinars hosted by leaders in our community.

With over 40 years’ experience in the food service industry, Chef Bill Pratt is the founder, director, and driving force behind the Chef Inspired® group of restaurants. His inspired menus, excellent culinary skills and effective management style while working his way through the military ranks and cooking in CP Hotels and other fine dining restaurants set him apart from his competitors and colleagues. Chef Bill Pratt discussines the future of the food industry and how his business is adapting during COVID.

Click here to watch the webinar with Chef Bill Pratt.

Setting up an Online Store & Distribution in the Food Industry
Are you considering setting up an online store, but not sure where to start? This panel discussion will give you an overview of the process from things to consider before you setup your store to distributing your products after the sale is complete.

Online Store Checklist (pdf)

Click here to watch the webinar with our panelists.

PEI Food Premise Guidelines and Setting Up Safe Workplaces
Operators are getting ready to reopen their food establishments. This panel will review the new PEI Food Premise Guidelines, while also offering insight into implementing the guidelines, creating a safe environment for employees and staff and how to address employee mental health during uncertainty.

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Weekly Cash Flow Forecast Template

Cash is King and managing it is vital to any business. This template allows you to plan weekly cash inflows and outflows to manage during seasonal fluctuations, changes in plans, and to identify when you may need financing before you actually need it.

Check here to access the Weekly Cash Flow Forecast Template.

Food Business Model Canvas

Developed by Food Island Partnership as an easy to use one-page tool to build a new food business idea. We recommend food entrepreneurs start by listing their assumptions with a sticky note for each question starting with the Green (Idea Section). Assumptions should then be tested by reaching out to potential customers, evaluating competition, etc. Ideas can quickly be adjusted as new learnings emerge. Food Island Partnership staff are available to assist you in completing the Canvas.

Check here to access the Food Business Model Canvas.

Food Export Canvas

Developed by Food Island Partnership to assist food companies to answer key questions in evaluating potential new export markets and becoming export ready. We recommend that food companies start by listing their assumptions with a sticky note for each question. This will provide the company with a starting point for assessing the viability of a potential export market and identify gaps that the company will need to address. The company can update its answers to any question easily as it investigates the potential market opportunity further. Food Island Partnership and Trade Team PEI staff are available to assist you in completing the Food Export Canvas.

Check here to access the Food Export Canvas.

Strategic Plan

Food Island Partnership is an organization dedicated to growing the food Industry on Prince Edward Island and this strategic plan outlines the organization’s roadmap over the next three years.

Check here to access the Strategic Plan.

Influencer Marketing Workbook

Developed by Food Island Partnership as an easy to use two-page tool to incorporate influencer marketing in your communication strategy for your food business. What is Influencer Marketing? The practice of partnering with people who have influence with your potential customers. We recommend food entrepreneurs start with developing a communications strategy and consider if influencer marketing should be included as a tactic.

Check here to access Opportunities for the PEI Food Industry to Partner with Influencers.

Costing Pricing Template

Understanding all of your product costs from ingredients, to packaging, to sales and marketing is essential to ensuring you are pricing your product properly to achieve profit targets. Food Island Partnership has developed a template to make this process easier by asking you a series of questions to provide you a summary of your costing and proposed pricing. It also allows you to compare yourself to industry benchmarks and average margins required by a retailer and/or distributor.

Check here to access the Costing and Pricing Template.

Oyster Product Safety Communications

Raw oysters are enjoyed by many Canadians, predominately in restaurants and oyster bars across the country. While Canadians have a high level of trust in our food, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, oyster processors have expressed concern that consumers may be less comfortable eating raw oysters, not knowing what are the risks. This report outlines the status regarding the novel coronavirus and food consumption, potential risks of contamination from handling raw oysters, along with food safety practices and additional measures to alleviate consumer fears regarding raw oysters.

Check here to access the Safe Oyster Handling Report.