Food Business Tools/Resources


Food Business Model Canvas

Developed by Food Island Partnership as an easy to use one-page tool to build a new food business idea. We recommend food entrepreneurs start by listing their assumptions with a sticky note for each question starting with the Green (Idea Section). Assumptions should then be tested by reaching out to potential customers, evaluating competition, etc. Ideas can quickly be adjusted as new learnings emerge. Food Island Partnership staff are available to assist you in completing the Canvas.

Check here to access the Food Business Model Canvas.

Strategic Plan

Food Island Partnership is an organization dedicated to growing the food Industry on Prince Edward Island and this strategic plan outlines the organization’s roadmap over the next three years.

Check here to access the Strategic Plan.

Influencer Marketing Workbook

Developed by Food Island Partnership as an easy to use two-page tool to incorporate influencer marketing in your communication strategy for your food business. What is Influencer Marketing? The practice of partnering with people who have influence with your potential customers. We recommend food entrepreneurs start with developing a communications strategy and consider if influencer marketing should be included as a tactic.

Check here to access Opportunities for the PEI Food Industry to Partner with Influencers.

Costing Pricing Template

Understanding all of your product costs from ingredients, to packaging, to sales and marketing is essential to ensuring you are pricing your product properly to achieve profit targets. Food Island Partnership has developed a template to make this process easier by asking you a series of questions to provide you a summary of your costing and proposed pricing. It also allows you to compare yourself to industry benchmarks and average margins required by a retailer and/or distributor.

Check here to access the Costing and Pricing Template.