PEI Oyster & Mussel Product Development Program

PEI Oyster & Mussel Product Development Program

Program Overview

The PEI Oyster & Mussel Product Development Program has been developed to provide assistance to PEI companies who are seeking to develop a new PEI value-added oyster or mussel product that will meet market/consumer demand and generate new sales. This program is intended to support the development of new product concepts not minor tweaks to existing products. As such, projects that lead to the development of unique products/experiences will receive first priority. Projects focused on the development of new packaging concepts to meet underserved markets will be considered as a secondary priority.

Financial Support

Approved projects will receive 75% funding support up to a maximum of a $25,000 nonrepayable contribution (maximum $33,333 in project costs x 75% = $25,000 contribution). The company is required to contribute the remaining 25% of project costs. Stacking of additional government funding support is not permitted within approved project costs.

Eligible Costs/Activities

• Contracting of third-party services for the development and evaluation of new products

(IE: product development activities, identifying equipment and packaging requirements, feasibility study, market research activities, packaging/branding design, etc.)

• Purchase of market research reports directly related to the new product.

• Product and material costs for product development and scale up trials.

• Other professional costs related to the project may be considered.

In-Eligible Costs

• Operational costs and internal costs incurred by company (staff time, etc.)

• Equipment

• Packaging materials

• Other tangible items

• Administrative costs

• Taxes

• Other costs not deemed to be aligned with program objectives.

Application Process

Please complete the application form to apply for assistance under this program. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or 902-628-7998.

Program Partners

Food Island Partnership is the coordinator for this project with funding support provided by Fisheries & Oceans Canada, ACOA, and Innovation PEI.